In 1954, the Coffey Foundation was established to provide financial support to local, efficient, and effective 501c3 agencies who improve the quality of life for Caldwell citizens and to provide financial resources to deserving Caldwell County students pursuing education beyond high school. Harold F. Coffey, president of Kent-Coffey Manufacturing Company and a strong supporter of education, offered no-interest college loans to employees and families of Kent-Coffey Manufacturing. In 1981, the Coffey Foundation established the Coffey Scholarship Program providing grants to highly qualified, college-bound Caldwell County Students.

    Mr. Harold F. Coffey

    In 1907 Finley H. Coffey and his friend, Dr. A. Kent, started Kent-Coffey Manufacturing Company.  Three of Finley’s four children worked for the company.  Harold Coffey, one of his sons, was president and it was under his management the business flourished.

    Wanting to leave a legacy for his father and the business his father started, Harold Coffey started the Coffey Foundation in 1954.  With no heirs, the Coffey Family wanted to give back to the citizens of Caldwell County and improve the quality of life for all.

    In the mid-60’s, Kent-Coffey Manufacturing was sold to Magnavox and later became part of the Singer Corporation.  Although the business no longer exists, the Coffey Foundation continues to live out the legacy of Harold F. Coffey, his family, and Kent Coffey Manufacturing Company.

    Harold Coffey